Microencapsulated Nutrients

value-added coating technology delivers superior performance and stability

put our microencapsulation technology to work for you

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Developed through extensive research and product development, our proprietary SMART™ process envelops particles at the microscopic level in a protective shell. This value-added coating technology delivers superior performance and stability of essential nutrients for a wide range of multi-functional ingredients. In addition to its innovative design, all SuperCoat® nutrients are rigorously tested throughout the entire production process, and are quality checked to ensure purity, potency and performance.

With SuperCoat® you can protect the sensitive nutrients in your products from extreme processing environments. Products using SuperCoat® maintain nutrient integrity, thereby reducing ingredient overages. SuperCoat® microencapsulates eliminate or greatly reduce off-notes typically associated with potent nutrients, simplifying flavor formulation.


Significant levels of nutrients, even in products designed with strong or extreme flavor profiles, often lead to undesirable side effects. Taste, stability and odor can limit a product's performance both in the lab and on the shelf. By enveloping active ingredients in a protective multi-functional coating, SuperCoat® microencapsulated vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals offer formulation flexibility in a wide range of applications.